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 Easy Chinese Appetizer Egg Rolls Recipe


Chinese egg rolls!

Here is an easy recipe for an authentic crispy Chinese egg rolls appetizer. Super delicious when they're fresh and piping hot. You guest will be so impressed they'll think you had these egg rolls catered directly from a Chinese restaurant.

This recipe is perfect for your next office party; Super Bowl party, get-together or pot luck. Whenever there is a major sporting event on TV or cable my friends and I like to get together.  It always starts out small but it ends up being pot luck with about 30 or 40 people.  I bring these egg rolls and they are always a big hit.  I can eat 10 of these by myself, they're that good.

First Step :: The ingredients to make easy Chinese egg rollsÖ

Easy Chinese egg roll appetizers recipe

Egg rolls are the perfect party appetizer:

Itís the ideal finger food. You want your guests to walk around and mingle. You do not need utensils or even a plate to eat it.  Just grab a napkin and some egg rolls.

Itís inexpensive; this recipe will show you how to make two party trays. Thatís about 120 egg rolls for around fifteen to twenty five dollars; depends on the ingredients you may already have.  That is enough appetizers for 30 to 60 people.

Itís easy to prepare and simple to make.  You can prepare egg rolls a day or two in advance before you need it.  Put it in the freezer; thaw it out and warm it up in the oven so its nice and crispy.  Of course egg rolls taste their absolute best when they are fresh, hot and right out of the fryer.

Iíll show you what ingredients you will need; the preparation involved, the many different egg roll fillings you can use and how to cook it. Step by step with pictures. Iíll also share with you some of my favorite dipping sauces for these egg rolls. 

This is an easy ground beef and vegetable recipe for authentic Chinese egg rolls as an appetizer.  As with all recipes you can adjust it to suit your portions and taste. Here are other egg roll recipes you might like to try.

First Step :: The ingredients to make Chinese egg rollsÖ






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